The bustling streets, the huge crowds of people, as well as the towering buildings make people’s general impression of Hong Kong. Photographer Chris wants to capture the serene side behind the prosperity of the territory.

The exhibition features photos taken in long exposure as this kind of technique can paint a strong sense of stillness and also allow the photographer to enjoy the peaceful moment from his busy life.

The art works at the exhibition are presented in black and white photographs, showing the ultimate contrast of light and shadow. In order to enhance the feeling of quiet, Chris purposefully removes the color interference of the image, and thus the audience would be more able to focus on the details and texture of the pictures. Some of the exhibits here were created by large area of black and white film. That makes the operation process including metering, focus tuning, aperture tuning and the shutter speed adjusting time-consuming. However, the photographer can take his time to meditate on the scenery in front of the eyes during the calm and tranquil waiting time.

In order to find the best image effect and bring his audiences the best visual experiences, Chris insists that the photo shooting, the film processing, the image output and the mounting works of the exhibits should all be hand-handled by himself.

If we stop and quietly appreciate Hong Kong, we will find another sense of beauty in this light city.